Hi, I'm David

I'm a user experience designer in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

My design history

Every job I’ve had and every project I’ve worked on has taught me something about design, people and business. I love diving into what drives people and business and how to get the two to come together.

I started off loving animation and flash then working for a print magazine doing layouts, advertising and album covers. Then I moved more towards the web, designing websites and creating full branding and marketing strategies as well as User Interfaces for web-based applications and delving into User Experience models.

The advent and the subsequent all-encompassing rise of mobile and tablet pushed me into responsive design and collaboration with front-end web development for frameworks and agile development.

This is what I do

Now I am diving into the psychology of the digital ecosphere, working with data, research (both quantitative and qualitative), user testing, human-centred design practices, ideation cycles, design sprints, customer journey mapping, personas and the list goes on.

I thoroughly enjoy unpacking a business to understand how it ticks, and whom it will appeal to, and working with a great team to get those 2 to meet and make magic happen.

I am also working on my skills as a writer and have been slowly publishing articles on Medium. You can see more of my work history over on LinkedIn, and my internet ramblings on Twitter.

UI Design

High fidelity designs, pattern libraries, design systems and development ready assets. Using Sketch & Studio predominantly.

User Experience

Prototyping, user flows, journey maps, research and data and user testing. Working with Service designers, Business Architects and product owners.

Design Thinking

Sketching, storyboarding, workshops and design sprints. All wrapped in the IDEO Human Centred Design methodology.

Design Delivery

Collaborating with development teams, device testing, agile methodologies with scrums or lean practices. Big fan a JIRA and Confluence paired with Invision.

Find, Book and Meet
Design Mentors worldwide

I am lucky enough to be one of the 660+ mentors in the amazing design people list global community.

I offer mentoring for anyone in the design industry looking for advice and guidance. You can book in 15min or 30min sessions with my using the link below.

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