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My Story

Every job I’ve had and every project I’ve worked on has taught me something about design, people and business. I love diving into what drives people and business and how to get the two to come together.

I started off loving animation and flash then working for a print magazine doing layouts, advertising and album covers. Then I moved more towards the web, designing websites and creating full branding and marketing strategies as well as User Interfaces for web-based applications and delving into User Experience models.

The advent and the subsequent all-encompassing rise of mobile and tablet pushed me into responsive design and collaboration with front-end web development for frameworks and agile development.

Now I am diving into the psychology of the digital ecosphere, working with data, research (both quantitative and qualitative), user testing, human-centred design practices, ideation cycles, design sprints, customer journey mapping, personas and the list goes on.

I thoroughly enjoy unpacking a business to understand how it ticks, and whom it will appeal to, and working with a great team to get those 2 to meet and make magic happen.


2019 - 2024
Design Director at Concentrix Catalyst
2022 - Now
Course Facilitator at RMIT Online
Designer at Australian Taxation Office
2017 - 2018
Principal UX designer at QSuper
2016 - 2017
Lead UX designer at Sunsuper
2013 - 2016
Lead Designer at Compare the Market
Product Strategy & Planning

Business strategy and project planning. Prioritisation and go to market strategy for new to existing, small to large businesses

Design Thinking & Strategy

Sketching, storyboarding, workshop facilitation and design sprints. Driven by IDEO Human Centred Design methodology and Trauma Informed Design.

UX Design & Research

Prototyping, user flows, journey maps, qualitative & quantitative research, data analysis and user testing.

Design Delivery

Collaborating with development teams, device testing, agile methodologies with scrums or lean practices. Big fan a JIRA and Confluence paired with Invision.

award winning
  • Design Practice & Leadership
  • UX Practice & Principles
  • UX Research
  • UI Design & Product Management

Shall we connect?

I'm always looking to speak about new and interesting challenges and opportunities


T: +61 (0)404 386 261


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